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A Chinese helicapter delegation visited USA 2013 Dec 06-12, and had meeting and site visit at their counterpart in Keystone.


The Yunnan agriculture delegation visited Toronto Canada 2013 Dec 05-07, and also visited agricultural organizations in Guelph, Ontario.


A Chinese energy saving and green construction delegation visitied Canada and USA 2013 Nov 30-Dec 04, and visited related sample programs in Vancouver, Toronto and Washingotn. They also attended the conference hosted by United States Department of Energy.


A Chinese welfare lottery delegation visited Canada and USA 2013 Nov 04-11. The delegation visited OLG in Toronto and the lottery organization in New York. 


A group of 14 had training course in University of Maryland 2013 Nov 03-13. The delegation also visited related organizations arranged by UMD during the training stay.


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