Volunteer Experience with the Giant Panda of China
Our clients gave high marks after they spent time personally with Panda at the Giant Panda Bear Research Center located in Bifengxia, Ya'an near Chengdu. To spend days of volunteer service with Panda is the unique experience for you, your family and your children, which will be so special and memorable in your life.


Volunteer Activities: You will work together with the staffs in the Research Center in their uniform along with their working hours. You can watch the Center staff preparing food for Panda and feeding Panda; you will do some cleaning work for the Panda rooms and surroundings, and will do other daily jobs. (Depending on the different season you visit the Center, you will get a chance to observe Panda in estrus, copulation, body checkup, training, affective feeding, type-B ultrasonic, artificial insemination, childbirth and even participate in same of the scientific research activities.)


To see a sample itinerary, click: 18-day Panda Volunteer Tour - PVT18