2012 Oct 19 Visit CRA Revenue Service by Jiangsu Local Taxation Administration delegation.

Invited by CIEPC - Canada Internation Exchange & Promotion Council, a business meeting and presentation was arranged through the Protocol Office of Toronto with the CRA Revenue Service in North York Civic Centre in the morning of Nov 19th.  


The purpose of your visit is to get an overview of the taxation system in Canada. The topics you are interested to learn about during your visit:
1. The basic procedure of tax collection management;
2. After each tax payer reported their tax returns, how does a taxation institution launch various management procedures according to each individual’s taxation situation?
3. How the risk management is implemented for the tax collection.


A presentation on Property Tax Collection was given by the Director of Revenue Services of North Toronto, and a presentation on personal tax returns was given by a spcialist from XBC Finance.